How to Sleep Better when Pregnant (5 Natural Tips)

How to Sleep Better when Pregnant

Today I will talk about 5 tips how to sleep better when pregnant. Pregnancy news comes with a lot of joy and excitement. However, the joy is short-lived once the fatigue and body ache kicks in. Once the belly starts growing and you gain extra pounds, getting a comfortable sleeping position becomes a nightmare.

Let’s face it, sleeping on the side is uncomfortable and unrealistic. During the night, you might be tempted to switch positions and sleep on your back or your stomach. Unfortunately, the only comfortable position when pregnant is to sleep on the side.

You can still sleep on the side and remain comfortable with the right sleep techniques.

So, let’s get started……

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Pregnancy and Sleep

Pregnancy and Sleepiness, how pregnancy affects sleep

Pregnancy tends to change sleep patterns and even the duration of sleep. It is not uncommon to experience insomnia during pregnancy.

Here is why you could be having trouble sleeping while pregnant……

  • Body physical changes – the physical body changes make it difficult to sleep. In the third trimester, weight gain and increased size of the belly puts pressure on the joints. Back pain and ankle pain is the main cause of lack of sleep in the third trimester.
  • Hormonal changes – the change in hormone production is likely to cause insomnia. In the first trimester, there is an increased production of the progesterone hormone. With increased production of progesterone, sleeping in the night becomes impossible and due to the drowsiness experienced during the day.
  • Indigestion – it is not uncommon to experience GERD and heartburn during pregnancy. The exact cause of heartburn is not clear, but it is still a significant cause of insomnia.
  • Movement of the fetus – the movement of the fetus gets intense in the third trimester, and it becomes difficult to sleep.
  • Frequent urination – with frequent urination, it might be difficult to catch some sleep because of making trips to the toilet and back.
  • Anxiety – Becoming a mother is a big deal, and all the expectations might be overwhelming causing anxiety. Stress can interrupt the sleep patterns.

Importance of Sleep during Pregnancy

Getting enough sleep during pregnancy might be difficult, but it is still worth the effort. With simple lifestyle adjustments, it is possible to get sufficient sleep. Sleeping for at least six hours per day during pregnancy is recommended.

1. Increases chances of a normal birth

Sleeping for at least six hours during pregnancy increases the chances of normal birth. According to research, it is believed that the chances of a normal delivery increase by 40% when you get sufficient sleep.

2. Protects the baby from stress

When the mother gets enough sleep, it protects the baby from stress. It is essential for the baby to rest for proper development. Pregnancy is stressful, and it is recommended to get enough stress for the sake of fetus development.

Sleeping too much during pregnancy

In the first trimester, you will experience drowsiness that will make you sleep more. The hormonal changes make you drowsy the entire day, and it might be even difficult to work. It is not wrong to take a power nap once in a while during the day. However, be sure not to go overboard.

You still need to remain active unless the doctor has advised you to take bed rest. Remaining active will allow the baby to sleep due to the vibrations as you walk. Walking around and staying active is also useful for preparing your body for child delivery. It is all about putting a balance between sleeping and taking some time to walk around and do other things.

Best Sleep positions when pregnant

Tip #1: Find a comfortable sleeping position

Can you sleep on your stomach when pregnant?

Sleeping on your stomach when pregnant is not advisable. It puts pressure on the fitness and especially from the second trimester onwards. This position is uncomfortable, and you might not even be able to sleep for long in this position when the belly starts growing.

In the first trimester, it might not be detrimental to sleep on your stomach because the fetus is not fully developed at this point. However, it is still advisable to sleep on your side once you discover that you are pregnant.

Can you sleep on your back when pregnant?

Sleeping on your back just like sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. Sleeping on your back reduces the amount of blood that is flowing to the fetus. The flow of blood to the fetus is essential for the supply of nutrients and oxygen. You need to sleep on your side to make sure that the fetus is nourished. This position is also uncomfortable because of the amount of pressure that it puts on your back and intestines. After sleeping on the back, you will wake up feeling tired and constipated.

Can I sleep on my right side when pregnant?

Sleeping on the right side is better than sleeping on your back or stomach. However, this is not the most preferred sleeping position. Doctors recommend that you sleep on the left side for proper health during pregnancy. Sleeping on the right side might increase symptoms of indigestion and heartburn during pregnancy.

Best Side to Sleep on when Pregnant

The best sleeping position during pregnancy is to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on the left side allows the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus without any problems. It might be difficult to keep this position throughout the night, but it is advisable to try as much as possible to sleep on your left.

To enhance comfort, make sure that you elevate your legs. Elevating your legs will ensure the proper flow of blood in the upper part of the body and even the brain. You can use a pillow between your legs to avoid getting tired while sleeping in this position.

How to calm anxiety while pregnant

Tip #2: Manage anxiety

Anxiety is a big cause of insomnia during pregnancy. Panic attacks might disrupt your sleep patterns and keep you awake throughout the night. Learning how to calm anxiety while pregnant will help you sleep at night without waking up from sleep. Here are some tips on staying calm:

How to calm anxiety in early pregnancy: Create a pregnancy and Birth plan

Creating a pregnancy and birth plan can help you to calm anxiety in early pregnancy. You need to make sure that you create a good plan on how you will handle the challenges of pregnancy. When you have a plan, you will be confident about what you are going to do. Planning helps you eliminate the worry of thinking about things that might go wrong. Creating a plan involves choosing the birth method and even having some emergency numbers with you.

How to calm anxiety attacks while pregnant: Spend time on the things you love

If you spend the whole day thinking about the pregnancy, it will lead to anxiety attacks. It is okay to think about your pregnancy and the baby. However, at some point it still necessary to think about yourself. You need to be happy so that you can learn how to cope with the challenges of the pregnancy.

Do not abandon your hobbies when you get pregnant unless they risk your pregnancy. You can still go dancing classes even when pregnant to take your mind off the worries. Spending your time on things you love is the best way to avoid thinking about your fears.

Reflection and meditation

The natural way of managing and anxiety without any medication is reflection techniques. Take time to reflect on things that you love. During pregnancy, it is normal to get overwhelmed and start thinking about things that are likely to go wrong. Instead of thinking about things that are likely to go wrong, reflect on how the forthcoming baby will bring joy and happiness in your life. By the time you go to sleep, your mind will already be filled with positive thoughts, and it will be comfortable to sleep without any anxiety.

Can you use diffuse oils while pregnant?

Tip #3: Diffuse some essential oils

Diffusing essential oils while pregnant

The sense of smell is usually high during pregnancy. At this time, you can take advantage of the high sense of smell to diffuse the oils that you love. We have therapeutic oils that can help you to improve your health and make the pregnancy smooth. Here are some of the beneficial oils during pregnancy:

Manzanilla oil for pregnant

Manzanilla oil for pregnant women is commonly known as chamomile oil. It is one of the best oils to diffuse during pregnancy. The oil can bring out calmness and relaxation. If you have been suffering from panic attacks during your pregnancy, the oil will enable you to stay calm and sleep better. You can diffuse the oil just before you go to bed so that it can help you to relax. The smell is already good enough to help you to sleep since it has an herbal-like scent.

White flower oil safe for pregnant

The white flower is a blend of different oils. It is no surprise that this oil has been used successfully to get rid of the pain by people all over the world. The white flower oil is made by combining menthol, camphor and wintergreen plants from different parts of the world. When it comes to the ratio of combination, it will depend on the type of manufacturer.

Pain and fatigue are the main symptoms that come with pregnancy. It might be difficult to sleep if you are in pain. You need to get rid of the pain so that you can sleep well. Taking medication during pregnancy is not advisable, so you do not have to take painkillers every time you are in pain. As an alternative to getting rid of pain around the back and even ankles, diffusing the essential oils can help in a big way.

Smelling lavender during pregnancy

Many pregnant others will expect anxiety at some point. It might be challenging to control anxiety due to the constant negative thoughts. However, it is possible to manage stress by diffusing lavender. Apart from having a pleasant smell, smelling lavender during pregnancy helps to manage anxiety and depression by bringing a calming effect.

Sleep in bra while pregnant, YES or NO?

Tip #4: Wear a comfortable bra or sleep without one

The question about whether to sleep in a bra while pregnant or not sleeping in a bra has always been a source of debate. When it comes whether to wear one or not, it all depends on your choice and also your presence. Some women are comfortable with wearing bras even when pregnant.

Sleep bra for pregnancy: Is it right to wear a bra when pregnant?

A sleep bra for pregnancy is different from other types of bras. It is comfortable to wear throughout the night, but at the same time, it keeps your breast in position. During pregnancy, comfort is the most important thing when looking for a sleep bra. If you have been wearing the regular bras, at this point it is advisable to switch to a comfortable maternity bra.

Is it important to wear bra while sleeping?

It does not matter whether you decide to wear a bra or not. Many women love to stay without a bra when going to bed and there is no problem with that because it does not have any effects on your health. However, the bra that you wear should be comfortable. During pregnancy, look for a maternity bra because maternity bras are more comfortable. A maternity bra has wide strips and hooks, so it supports the upper body. With a good maternity bra, you will avoid back pain and other discomforts that come with wearing a bra for a long time. You can even use it as a nursing bra after delivery.

Benefits of not wearing a bra during pregnancy

Not wearing a bra during pregnancy relaxes your upper body. Some bras can put a strain on the back and neck, so you need to avoid such as much as possible. Unfortunately, there no real benefits of not worrying one. You can decide to wear a comfortable one that does not hurt your back.

Drinking water at night during pregnancy

Tip #5: Avoid fluids after 7 PM

Avoiding fluids after 7 pm will help you to have a restful sleep. During pregnancy, the urge to go to the bathroom tends to increase. Limiting fluid intake will slow down the urge to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. For restful sleep, you need to make sure that you sleep as long as possible without interruptions. If you have to go to the bathroom every time, it affects the quality of your sleep.
Apart from limiting fluid intake at night, make sure that you empty your bladder before going to bed. To make sure that your bladder is empty, lean forward while urinating. Doing this will empty all the fluid that is remaining in your bladder.

Conclusion: Sleep Better When Pregnant

Sleeping better when pregnant might require some effort but it is possible. You need to make some changes and get creative with your sleeping position. For instance, using pillows when sleeping on the side can help you to sleep for a long time without getting tired.

Learning the cause of insomnia will also help you to learn how to deal with the problem. For instance, if your insomnia is caused by anxiety, diffusing lavender oil and doing some meditation can help you to stay calm and sleep better when pregnant.

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