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How To Find The Perfect Kid's Sleepwear For Your Little Angels

This article discusses what qualities to look for in kid's sleepwear and how these garment will help your child sleep soundly through the night.


Ensuring good quality sleep for your children is an absolute must if you want them to be active, cheerful, and eager to learn during the day. And choosing the right sleepwear is the first step in ensuring quality sleep for children. Otherwise, you can only end up with a cranky kid the next day. Despite the common knowledge that little ones need their beauty sleep more than we do, we don’t normally spend enough time in finding the right sleepwear for them. Let’s look at some of the most common attributes to look for, in kid's sleepwear:

1. Fabric

Kid's sleepwear fabrics need to be soft and comfortable, allowing the skin to breathe through. In summer, cotton is the best as it is light, soft and moisture-absorbent to absorb the sweat. During winter, you may opt for a thicker material that keeps children warm. You can also find all-round sleepwear that is made up of fabrics that can be used year-round.

2. Size

Sleepwear size matters because you don’t want clothes that are too tight for them, especially when they’re trying to doze off as it can get extremely uncomfortable. At the same time, loose nighties or pajamas would make them feel like they’re floating in them. Finding the right fit shouldn’t be a problem with the number of sizes available for children aged 2-12.

3. Prints

Interesting and catchy prints make kids jump into sleepwear faster; these act like an incentive for them to get bed-ready. Wouldn’t it make your job so much easier? Themes such as favorite cartoon or Disney characters, alphabets for pre-schoolers and nature themes are attractive options that little ones can’t resist. Additionally, festive or holiday prints (ex. Halloween, Christmas, etc.) are great options that add variety and break the monotony of regular bedtime.

4. Ease of wear and take-off

Look for nighties or pajamas that are easy to wear and take off, especially if your child is in the potty-training stage. For girls, on-piece nighties are an excellent way to ensure this. For boys, make sure that they can get in and out of pajamas fairly easily. This is imperative because even older children, in their sleep, realize the need to visit the restroom, until they are almost at full capacity. So it’s important for us to find bed time wear that is easy to wear and take off.

5. Non-itchy or soft labels, seams, waistbands, and cuffs

This one is an absolute must. We don’t realize that some labels or seams are rough, and that they rub against the soft delicate skin of children, causing irritation. And then we wonder why our tiny tots do not sleep soundly through the night.

What Next?

Hopefully, these suggestions help you in selecting the right fit that improves your child’s ability to stay asleep through the night. For more information, you can always check out MySleepyShop. Here, we take care of such tiny details in a bid to assist your little ones sleep comfortably for a healthy growth.

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