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Earplugs for Sleeping

According to a recent survey, about 164 million Americans occasionally have problems getting a good night's rest with a significant percentage of that number caused by disturbances in or around the home. If you are among those who rarely clock in the required hours of shuteye, then you’re in luck as our Earplugs for Sleeping are exactly what you need.

When do you need earplugs?

  • If your partner / roommate snores a lot;
  • When your home is situated in a noisy environment such as near a highway, construction site and whatnot.
  • If you have a noisy neighbor with a preference for loud music at the most inappropriate times.
  • When travelling and you’d like to get some rest along the way.
  • If you are a sensitive sleeper and the slightest of sounds wakes you up.

Why our earplugs are your best bet at peaceful sleep

1) Top-notch quality

Design and aesthetics vary from one variety to another however with all our products you are assured of the best functionality as every earplug has an excellent NRR (Noise Reduction Ratio). Consequently, they can handle any task, whether huge or small, giving you the desired quietness you need to unwind and get all the recommended 8 hours (or more) of rest.

2) Maximum comfort

Built from the softest and finest materials this world has to offer, our earplugs are comfortable and seamless products that you can wear for hours on end with ease. The overall architecture is conveniently designed so as to allow for any sleeping position. Moreover, this design alleviates pressure on the eardrums that might cause discomforts. So whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, these blockers are the perfect fit.

3) Durability

You’ll get considerable service time from our products because they are built for the long haul and are specifically resistant to the constant cleaning required of such products. These earplugs maintain their shape, foam and effectiveness for the entirety of their long lifespan meaning you get full value for money.

4) One size fits all

No need to worry about getting the right fit quite literally as our earplugs are available in various sizes as well as a one-size-fits-all alteration. If you can’t sleep for one reason or the other, then look no further than our earplugs for sleeping. Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past!

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